Pioneer HDJ2000MK2 - Hdj-2000mk2 silver auricular dj

Pioneer HDJ2000MK2 - Hdj-2000mk2 silver auricular dj

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Descripción Pioneer HDJ2000MK2 - Hdj-2000mk2 silver auricular dj

- Tipo Auriculares dinámicos cerrados
- Rango de Frecuencias 5.30 000 Hz
- Impedancia 32 Oh
- Presión sonora de Salida 107 dB/mW
- Entrada máxima 3.500 mW

  Pioneer's HDJ-2000 MK2 DJ headphones are modelled around a huge 50mm driver that offers high quality playback with a frequency response ranging from 5Hz to 30,000kHz, offering minimal distortion even at the loudest of volumes. Tailored air chambers ensure the greatest amount of sound insulation with ear pads offering both comfort and the separation needed in load monitoring environments. With a magnesium alloy used as the structure of the headband the Pioneer HDJ-2000 MK2 the headphones are both rugged and light, letting them be worn comfortably for extended periods of time and able get to every gig with out the fear of breaking. A folding mechanism with swivelling ear cups allows the user to both find a comfortable monitoring set up and an easy transporting solution. A detachable and replaceable connection cord comes with the headphones and come in both coiled and straight variants depending on the preferred type. The Pioneer HDJ-2000 MK2 main features include:     Optimised performance for DJ monitoring     Excellent sound isolation for noisy environments     Lightweight alloy construction     Memory foam ear pads     Included carry case and accessories     Rotatable and folding mechanism     Premium build quality Specifications :     Type Circumaural, closed-back dynamic headphones     Frequency response 5 ~ 30,000 Hz     Impedance 32 ?     Output sound pressure level 107 dB/mW     Maximum output sound pressure level 107 dB     Maximum input power 3,500 mW     Unit aperture ?50 mm domes     Connection cord 1.2 m side-mount curled cord (3.0 m when extended)     1.6 m twist-sheathed straight cord     Plug ? 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (gold plated, s


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